• Bill Viola

      Cameras are Soul Keepers

      When video artist Bill Viola was 6 years old he fell into a lake, all the way to the bottom, to a place which seemed like paradise. "There's more than just the surface of life." Viola explains. "The real things are under the surface".

    • Marina Abramović

      How to Drink a Glass of Water

      ”Feel how the water goes into your mouth, goes into your body, into your cells.” Meet performance icon Marina Abramović in this exclusive video where she teaches you how to turn an everyday moment into an extraordinary experience.

    • Bjarke Ingels

      Advice to the Young

      Renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels here offers his architectural advice to aspiring architects and explains why architecture is fundamentally important for the world we live in.

    • Daniel Richter

      On Vienna vs. Berlin

      “As ‘a working tourist’ in Vienna you see all these smells of the past and not all of them are disgusting.” Hear why German painter Daniel Richter prefers Vienna – where he works as professor at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien – over Berlin.

    • Karin Mamma Andersson

      Paintings as Weapons

      “It is the psyche of the artist that is the product, it sprung from your own well, it’s your own water,” says Sweden’s great painter Karin Mamma Andersson in this portrait. “The moment you dig into something, it becomes a sort of self-image.”

    • Thomas Hirschhorn

      A World of Collage

      Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn juxtaposes pixelated images from the media. His works are not about technology, says the artist: “I try to give form to what I can’t accept: that someone else can decide for me what I should do, see or think.”

    • Jonathan Safran Foer

      On Donald Trump

      Jonathan Safran Foer, star of American literature, offers interesting views on America’s new president and the consequences Trump will have on American culture. "The place for literature may be even more important than before," he says.

    • Siri Hustvedt

      A Person Apart

      According to bestselling author Siri Hustvedt, the election of Donald Trump marks a new split in the population of the US. Hear Hustvedt on her political awakening, the biases in contemporary society and writing in challenging times.

    • Karl Ove Knausgård

      Literature Should be Ruthless

      Karl Ove Knausgård has enchanted the literary world with ‘My Struggle’, a novel of more than 3000 pages about his own life. Watch the star author discuss literature, writing and how his autobiographical style is closely connected to fiction.

    • Anish Kapoor & Friends

      Gangnam for Freedom

      Louisiana Channel joined when hundreds of friends attended British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor's studio recording of the 'Gangnam for Freedom'-video in support of Ai Weiwei.

    • Agnes Obel

      Diving Into Memory

      "Music is a sphere outside that of language. It's a different way of being present", says Danish singer-song-writer Agnes Obel. "That's why it is so beautiful to enter."

    • Jenny Hval

      A Face Split Open

      “For me there is a big connection between singing and sexuality, and there's also a connection in my lyrics between the mouth and the sexual organ.” Musician Jenny Hval writes experimental music, dealing with gender and sexuality.

    • Dorte Mandrup

      Where Place Meets Sculpture

      Rising from the landscape in a place rich with materiality and history sits architect Dorte Mandrup’s new Wadden Sea Centre. Meet the renowned architect and see a building were “everything comes together.”

    • Daniel Libeskind

      Tribute to New York

      “If you took the whole world and collapsed it into one little ball, you’d find it here, in this city.” Daniel Libeskind, world-renowned architect behind the new World Trade Center site, gives tribute to his city in this short and colourful video.

    • Robert A.M. Stern

      The Limestone Jesus

      "Buildings should not look like Lady Gaga. I think it is much more exciting to enter into a dialogue with the past" says the acclaimed American architect Robert A.M. Stern in this video presenting 'The Limestone Jesus'-building, 15 Central Park West in New York.

    • Nick Cave

      The World is my Skin

      Have you ever wished that you could put on a suit which would open up the imagination and take you to the world of your dreams? In this video artist Nick Cave presents his wearable sculptures, the 'Soundsuits', made from discarded everyday materials.

    • Doshi Levien

      If We Don't Create, We Die

      ”Life at a very deep level has to be about enjoyment.” Design is not about problem solving, but about a search for beauty, because "if we don't create, then why are we alive?" Interview with designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien.

    • Doshi Levien

      Crafting Colorful Ideas

      We visit Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien in their London studio. Over the past few years the two industrial designers have won several prestigious design prizes in various parts of the world.