• Nástio Mosquito

    What are You Willing to Die for?

    Angolan artist Nástio Mosquito has been dubbed “the future star of the art world.” He here talks about his invigorating multidisciplinary practice, which investigates universally human characteristics in a teasing, polemic and humorous way.

  • Katinka

    No Glitter Added

    “I’m just a girl with a ukulele,” says up-and-coming Danish singer-songwriter Katinka, who tries hard not to become too self-conscious. “It’s not an image or a persona. It’s just me.”

  • Sing Along With Brian Eno

    "I believe in singing together," says Brian Eno, widely regarded as the intellectual icon of modern western music. Join him as he humorously conducts a public morning choir with songs and spirituals of his own choice.

  • Laurie Anderson

    Letter Exchange with JFK

    “Dear Senator Kennedy. I really admire the way you’re running your campaign. I’m running for president of my student council, can you send me some tips?” Find out what the soon-to-be president John F. Kennedy replied to a young Laurie Anderson’s letter.

  • Father John Misty

    Elements of Misdirection

    Hear the story of a successful American singer-songwriter, who grew up in a religious home that he had to break radically with. Meet Joshua Tillman who became Father John Misty, and who has made roleplaying the axis of his captivating songs.

  • Sjón

    On Iceland

    Award-winning Icelandic writer and poet Sjón here humorously contemplates the complex relationship between the coloniser and the colonised – Denmark and Iceland – and how being Icelandic has shaped him as a writer.

  • Sjón

    Let the Reader do the Work

    “When you start as a poet it makes you aware of how few words are needed to bring ideas from one mind to another.” Icelandic writer Sjón is a word-minimalist. Watch him explain why he gives his readers a minimum of words to work from.

  • Daniel Lanois

    Advice to the Young

    “Should one be so lucky to find something they are good at, then pursue it with full passion, man.” Spot-on advice from one of the world’s most sought-after producers Daniel Lanois, who forwards wisdom from the legendary Brian Eno.

  • 12 Artists

    On Childhood

    “Most artists have terrible childhoods”. Meet 12 exceptional contemporary artists who reflect upon their early years and how it shaped their life and art.

  • 8 Artists

    Advice to the Young

    Watch, listen and soak in the words of 8 prominent artists, who have strong and diverse thoughts on what constitutes insightful advice to young artists.

  • Jakob Bro

    Sketches of Sound

    Meet the acclaimed Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro as he talks about the great influence of playing with jazz legends such as Paul Motian, Lee Konitz and Bill Frisell.

  • Agnes Obel

    Diving Into Memory

    "Music is a sphere outside that of language. It's a different way of being present", says Danish singer-song-writer Agnes Obel. "That's why it is so beautiful to enter."

  • Caroline Henderson

    Mack the Knife

    Sit back and enjoy this dark, modern, live-version of Mack the Knife by the soulful Danish-Swedish singer Caroline Henderson accompanied by guitarist Boi Holm.

  • Linda Perhacs

    Dental Hygienist & Music Legend

    The incredible story of the dental hygienist Linda Perhacs who as a young woman in 1970 published a groundbreaking album which nobody noticed. Half a century later she discovered that it had gone worldwide on the Internet.

  • Glenn Branca

    Sounds from the Subconscious

    ”I had to squeeze the music out of that thing!” Feel the good vibes in this laid back interview with legendary American avant-garde composer and noise-guitarist Glenn Branca, who has influenced bands like Sonic Youth.

  • Kurt Vile

    My Own Little World

    "Music beat skateboarding." Meet Kurt Vile, the American musician living life in a pretty daze, in this interview about how his music has evolved naturally since he was 14.

  • Jenny Hval

    A Face Split Open

    “For me there is a big connection between singing and sexuality, and there's also a connection in my lyrics between the mouth and the sexual organ.” Musician Jenny Hval writes experimental music, dealing with gender and sexuality.

  • Oh Land

    The Dark Beneath the Bright

    "When I lost dance I felt like there was no gravity, and I might fly away and disappear." Meet the young singer and composer Oh Land in this interview about finding your way through life and staying true to yourself.

  • Tomomi Adachi

    Performing Infrared Sensor Shirt

    Get ready for a unique, extraordinary experience, as Japanese composer and sound-poet Tomomi Adachi's performs with his special invention - an infrared sensor shirt, which creates sounds according to what Adachi says and how he moves.

  • Tomomi Adachi

    My Voice in Unknown Places

    How can you find meaning in sound? Meet Japanese sound poet Tomomi Adachi who combines his voice with his own wondrous musical inventions to create sound works between poetry and music.

  • Kjartansson/The National

    A Lot of Sorrow

    "I don't want to get over you." Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson got the American indie rock band The National to perform their song 'Sorrow' repeatedly in a six hour live loop at MoMA PS1, New York. Louisiana Channel was there to document it.

  • William Basinski

    Bubbles of Eternity

    Breathe, listen and float away in one of composer William Basinski's timeless amniotic bubbles. Let your dreams lead the way, or as Basinski puts it: "Sometimes we all need to take a chill pill."

  • David Byrne

    When to Resist Technology

    "Computers and technology push us in certain directions creatively and we have to know when to resist that." Legendary musician David Byrne known from the band Talking Heads discusses working as an artist in the field of new technology.

  • David Byrne

    Advice to the Young

    "If the musician or artist values their freedom and the ability to be creative, then they have to realize they won't be making hundreds of millions of dollars." Sound advice from the multifaceted musician David Byrne.

  • Tony Oursler

    Collaborating with David Bowie

    “It was a very smooth collaboration. His fantasy took place inside my work.” Artist Tony Oursler talks about his David Bowie music video 'Where Are We Now', which was published on Bowie's 66th birthday.

  • Patti Smith

    I Will Always Live Like Peter Pan

    70-minute interview with Patti Smith from the Louisiana Literature festival in Denmark in 2012: "I thought we didn’t have to grow up. I was heartbroken to find out that we didn’t have a choice." Patti Smith is still running wild, staying young at heart.

  • Jenny Hval

    Writing With My Voice

    "I'm interested in the directness you get from using the voice when expressing words. The microphone brings it together." Meet the young Norwegian musician, poet and novelist, Jenny Hval, as she experiments at the intersection of writing and music.

  • Bo Skovhus

    The Voice is the Key to Your Soul

    "The voice is a bastard" says opera singer Bo Skovhus in this video about the voice and how it is the key to the soul. It reveals our emotions and says something of the conflict between feelings and intellect: ”Why is the heart not the same as our mind?”

  • Patti Smith

    Banga - Acoustic Version

    The title song from Patti Smith’s album 'Banga' performed live by Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye at the Louisiana Literature festival in August 2012. Banga is named after a dog in Bulgakov’s novel ’The Master and Margarita’.

  • Nils Frahm

    Live in Concert

    Take a joyful ride into the magical music world of German Nils Frahm, in this intimate live concert recording of his works on piano and synthesizer.

  • Yoko Ono

    Celebrating Her 80th Birthday

    We are proud to present the world premiere of Yoko Ono’s birthday concert at Volksbühne in Berlin, when the living legend turned 80 and performed at her cool birthday bash.

  • Becca Stevens

    Jazz Opened My Voice

    Interview with American singer Becca Stevens, who has been compared to Joni Mitchell by the New York Times. "I like a lot of freedom of expression, and then I also like to not be tied down to one particular thing," she says about her musical approach.

  • Krzysztof Penderecki

    Turning History into Avant-garde

    "I did not live in easy times," says Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki in this rare interview. Having witnessed Auschwitz and the Stalin-period in the 1950's, Penderecki explains: "I had to react with my music."

  • Jesper Just and Dorit Chrysler

    This Nameless Spectacle (live)

    Live video performance by Jesper Just together with Dorit Chrysler playing theremin on stage at Louisiana, accompanying Just's projected video 'This Nameless Spectacle' creating an extraordinary audio-visual experience.

  • Anish Kapoor & Friends

    Gangnam for Freedom

    Louisiana Channel joined when hundreds of friends attended British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor's studio recording of the 'Gangnam for Freedom'-video in support of Ai Weiwei.

  • Patti Smith

    Fire of Unknown Origin

    The first time Patti Smith performed on a stage, she read the poem 'Fire of Unknown Origin' set to music by Lenny Kaye. Watch their live performance of the poem 41 years later at the Louisiana Literature festival in Denmark.

  • Louisiana Channel Trailer

    Impressions from Louisiana Channel which produces videos on the arts featuring the artists.